Welcome to the webpage of Magic-Number Ltd.

Our Company provides contractual services to micro, small and medium sized enterprises:

It has been justified by the results of Magic-Number Ltd., Financial Service Provider Ltd., established in 2008, that the values shared by its founders stand the test of time.

At the beginning we were involved in the accounting of micro enterprises with a few employees mainly in the service sector. By now, besides keeping our smaller clients, we also do the accounting of more companies with their turnover over HUF 1 billion. All segments of the economy are represented in our clientele. Our clients include, among others, a wholesaler of electronic goods, a market leader company involved in the sales of building engineering materials, more enterprises dealing with the design and construction of buildings, a foreign owned enterprise operating a factory, a travel agency, some security undertakings; several commercial and service provider companies with smaller turnover as well as sole proprietorships.

We owe a large part our success to our colleagues, who permanently suit such values, like excellent expertise, regular improvement of their knowledge, disciplined and diligent performance of their work, precision, ethical business conduct, order and regularity, which are preferred by the Hungarian business world.

We find it important to help the decision makers of our clients, by the knowledge we have accumulated in our own field of expertise, to make the right decisions at the right times.

The basic services of Magic-Number Ltd. include accounting, tax advising, pay roll and HR consultancy, as well as supporting the finances of our clients by a complete package of services. We perform our services on our own behalf. The confidence of our clients in our activities is further supported by the liability insurance on our accounting services.

According to our company policy, we are able to provide our partners with suitable services if we participate in trainings permanently and renew ourselves continuously.

Do something good for Yourself and your Company by contracting with Magic-Number Ltd.!